Transform The Way You
Book Freight

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Powerful Google Chrome extension

Similar to how android phones have an app stores, Google Chrome also has an app store, it's called Chrome Web Store.

Works on

  • Google Chrome
  • Mac
  • Windows

Only takes a couple of clicks to install.

  • Start Free Trial
  • Add To Chrome
  • Log into either DAT or Truckstop
  • Sign In

For Full Time Dispatchers

If you book freight from the load boards full time, Dispatch Robot AI is for you! Dispatchers can't monitor all the searches, across multiple load boards for the best loads, but our software can.
Current customers are
  • Trucking company owners
  • Independent Dispatchers
  • Loading between 5 -20 trucks
  • All truck & trailer types

Load Boards Are Necessary. 

Dispatch Robot can currently search these load boards for the best loads.
  • DAT Power
  • DAT One 
  • Truckstop Old
  • Truckstop New
  • 123 Load board (soon)

If you do not currently use any of these load boards, you will not be able to use Dispatch Robot. A pro plan is also required so you may need to upgrade your load board.

We'll Find The Load, You Choose How To Get Notified.

Dispatch Robot uses a proprietary algorithm to determine what is a good load and what is a bad load. As of right now we can not book the load for you, only identify and notify.

Choose how you get notified;

  • Highlighting the best loads green
  • Pop up with the best loads
  • Email you the best loads